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The MONOBUOY company was set up in 1998 to provide multi-disciplined engineering, project management and construction services to oil and gas companies throughout the world.

Our staff has accumulated well over 50 years experience in the fields of offshore offloading terminals.

We design, build and install CALM Buoys, FSO's and FPSO's.

We also overhaul CALM buoys and often have used refurbished buoys for sale.

In addition we support terminal operators by supplying spare parts, engineering and consultancy services.

Company Overview

The two buoys have been completed and are awaiting their onward transportation by heavy lift vessel to Libya. The buoy design and subsequent fabrication were followed by ABS who have now issued their final design review letter and survey report.

The successful delivery of these two buoys to the exacting standards set by ABS marks a major milestone for Monobuoy. We will now take this experience and continue discussions with our growing list of potential clients that are looking for more cost effective options for their CALM Buoy requirements.

Itís a tough time with oil prices around the 50 dollar mark and we can offer proven, innovative and cost effective solutions backed by our demonstrable ability to meet the standards set by international Class Societies.

25 July 2015 WAHA Buoys Completed
Monobuoy has completed the first phase of its EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) contract for the supply of two newbuild CALM Buoys for Libyan WAHA Oil Company.
18 September 2015 Chainstoppers PDO project 
Prior to taking delivery of the 3" and 4" cast chain stopper assemblies trial fits were performed
monobuoy001034.jpg monobuoy001033.jpg
10 October 2015 CALM Buoys delivery
Two CALM Buoys for WAHA Oil Company have been successfully delivered and offloaded in Misrata, Libya
30 September 2015 FSO 5 project 
Monobuoy have completed the upgrade and overhaul of the turret on FSO Vietsovpetro 02, including modifications to the chainstoppers and self-installation system while the FSO was located on a temporary mooring in Vung Tau Bay, Vietnam.
Additionally we performed upgrades to the DCS Process Control and Fire and Gas systems.
The FSO was reinstalled in the field late September using the installation procedures developed by Monobuoy
monobuoy001032.jpg monobuoy001031.jpg monobuoy001030.jpg monobuoy001029.jpg
10 November 2015 CALM Buoy page update

We have updated our CALM Buoy page.  Follow the link below for more information and to  to download the project reference sheet of our new build buoys:
11 November 2015 DNV Design Approval

Monobuoy has received the DNV conformity certificate for our latest CALM Buoy design. It confirms our design is good for 25 year design life in water without drydocking. See our downloads page to view the certificate.
7 December 2015 

7th December 2015 the first successful loading was performed by PDO
17 November 2015 

17 November our 3 buoys for PDO Oman,  have been successfully delivered and one has been installed and is now in operation
11 February 2016 

11 th February, 2016  Oman, Muscat
The Monobuoy Company has been given an award by Petroleum Development Oman for the successful completion of its order to design, fabricate and deliver 3 CALM Buoys to its Mina Al Fahal Oil Export terminal. We are very proud to receive this award which recognizes our timely execution of this project. PDO  has only given this prestigious award to one other contractor in the last 3 years.
24 February 2016 
Oman, Muscat
The Managing director of  The Monobuoy Company Ltd Brian Stephenson presenting an award to Doug Benson representing Fabtech International for our appreciation of their excellent services, in the building of our five new Buoys all of which were delivered in 2015.
20 April 2016 
Leixoes, Portugal
In December 2015 Monobuoy received a project from GALP  Energia to overhaul their CALM Buoy at Leixoes, Portugal.
We have now started an offshore work to disconnect the buoy
2 - 5 May 2016 
Houston, TX, USA
Monobuoy exhibited at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston.
monobuoy001025.jpg monobuoy001024.jpg
21 June 2016 
Leixoes, Portugal

Monobuoy successfully completes the Overhaul and Upgrade of the Leixoes CALM Buoy Terminal for GALP Energia in Portugal.

3 - 5 October 2016 
Mexico City, Mexico

Monobuoy took part in XII Jornada (SLOM) in Mexico city, where our technical director Mr. D. Collard presented a technical paper on the subject of "Premature Failure of Slewing Bearing used in CALM Buoys".

7 - 10 November 2016 
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Monobuoy took part in Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference during 7 - 10 November at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi.

3 - 5th October 2018, SLOM XIV Jornada,
Swissotel Quito, Ecuador
1 June 2017

Monobuoy moved to a new location in a purpose-build office in the center of Monte-Carlo.

The new address:

1 rue de Genets, Le Millefiori

Monaco, 98000

Our phone numbers remain the same.

monobuoy001019.jpg monobuoy001018.jpg
12 June  2017

At the end of March 2017 Monobuoy has been awarded a contract from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd to provide the replacement 12 metre diameter turntable CALM Buoy for their Vadinar Terminal. This buoy is designed to be operated for 30 years without the need for dry-docking. It will incorporate an extensive telemetry package. We are pleased to have secured the  confidence of yet another major oil Company and we look forward to delivering this buoy early next year.






5  July 2017

In April 2017 we were awarded the contract by Shell Oman Marketing Company to design, fabricate and install a 12 meter CALM buoy. This is the fourth buoy that Monobuoy supplied worldwide that will have a Thermal Aluminium Sprayed (TSA) anti-corrosion coating. The buoy will come with full Telemetry equipment package and improved design of the chainstoppers. Delivery and installation of the buoy will take 9 months.






1 August 2017

Monobuoy was awarded the fabrication of a new build CALM Buoy (Turret type) to replace the existing system for a refinery at the Bay of Fundy in Canada





3-5 October 2017 
Cartagena, Columbia

Monobuoy took part in XIII Jornada organised by SLOM.  

Our engineer Mr. Couture presented a technical paper on the subject "Tanker Yawing at Monobuoys and Suggested Pull-back Tug Operations"




monobuoy001016.jpg monobuoy001015.jpg monobuoy001014.jpg
20 October 2017

Monobuoy completed the installation of the 2 CALM Buoys for WAHA Oil, Libya which were delivered to the client in 2015




monobuoy001013.jpg monobuoy001012.jpg
7 December 2017
CALM Buoy for Shell Oman Marketing Company completed in under 8 months from contract award. Buoy now ready for heavy lift transport and installation.




15 December 2017
12 m CALM Buoy for sale with 3 path product swivel,
8 chainstoppers and  with the loading capacity of 250,000 t (built 1974)
Turntable Buoy designed by Single Buoy Mooring of Monaco. Decommissioning planned for Jan 2018.
For more information on the CALM buoy follow the link to our Product Page
monobuoy001011.jpg monobuoy001010.jpg
20 January 2018
The installation of a 12 m CALM Buoy for Shell Oman Marketing was completed on 20th January 2018. 
Monobuoy has been awarded Certificate of Recognition for the successful completion and delivery of the SPM. 
12 March 2018
The fabrication of the 12 m CALM Buoy for IOCL completed and its offloading was successfully performed at the end of February.
The installation  of the Buoy is in progress offshore Vadinar in the Gulf of Kutch, Gujarat, India
11 June 2018
The fabrication of the Turret Type Buoy is in its final construction stage and planned for completion beginning of August.
20 June 2018
The installation of the turret on the hull is completed and the rotation test is done.
18 July 2018
Latest photo of the Turret Type Buoy in the Construction Yard.
monobuoy001005.jpg monobuoy001004.jpg
1 July 2018
Please note our United Kingdom Office address has changed. The new address is:
50-54 Oswald Road, Scunthorpe,
England, DN15 7PQ
15 August 2018
The Turret Type Buoy has been loaded out on a heavy lift vessel in Dubai. 
Monobuoy office and agents
10 September 2018
The Turret Type Buoy has arrived at destination in Canada and has been offloaded. 
3-5 October 2018 
Quito, Ecuador

Monobuoy took part in XIV Jornada organised by SLOM.  

Our engineer Mr. Sandeman presented a technical paper on the subject "A fully-loaded CALM Buoy' our new Turret buoy project recently delivered to the client.